7 Reasons Why Paleo Followers are Not Safe From Toxins

The Paleo solution diet way of eating, often referred to as “clean eating” is a great way of life to maintain health, weight and energy. But is not enough alone to avoid exposure to harmful toxins.

By choosing foods that are organic and limited in their exposure to chemicals, pesticides and grass-fed, hormone-free meats, wild grown protein sources, Paleo solution diet followers can feel pretty good about the quality of care they give to their bodies.

But, unfortunately, we live in a world full of sneaky little toxins that attack us in places and ways we cannot see or anticipate. It’s too bad that our planet is not the clean place it was for the cavemen!

Read this article about how eating clean may not be enough to protect you from building a toxic body burden.u

Maximizing health is important for so many of us. So knowing what you are up against empowers us to take the actions necessary to protect ourselves and our families. Read on to the end, where I will share some solutions.

Here are the 7 ways Paleo and Clean-Eating Followers are NOT Safe From Toxins:

1. Dioxins  – Doxins get into our food supply through water, air and soil. In fact,  the highest concentrations of this toxin can be found in Beef and beef-related products like milk and dairy.

This toxin’s effect is detrimental to the endocrine system by blocking the hormone receptors. Think hormonal diseases like Diabetes Mellitus.

2. VOC’s (Volitile Organic Compounds) – Do you put gas in your car? Drive a boat or motorcycle?  Then you are exposed to VOC’s. These include xylene, ethyl benzene. These organic compounds interfere with the nervous system and cause cancer.

3. Lead This is the most prevalent source of pediatric poisoning. There are many warning labels on ceramics and paint cans. And recalls about lead-based toys and candy. So lead exposure can come from contaminated hands, food, water, or clothing. Once lead is in your body, it settles in the bones. This makes it possible for it to be re-released into the bloodstream causing additional health issues.

The health problems associated with lead exposure and toxicity range from ADD, Autism, decreased sperm production, Mental deficiency, to  behavioral disorders. Just Google it. The amount of issues is quite staggering.

4. Phthalates – These are referred to as “Plasticizers”.  And are found in cosmetics, personal care products and some toys. These were recently banned in Europe. These are fat-soluble. So they will settle in the fat in the body. And can cause birth defects in the male reproductive organs.

5. Mother to Baby Exposure – Recent studies have shown that based on analysis of a newborn babies blood, there have been evidence of as many as 200+ toxins in the blood alone. Think about this. A baby who has never breathed air. Or has never touched anything, had heavy toxic exposure based solely on the exposure from his mother.

Most mothers are hyper-vigilant in their diet. And what they ingest during the course of pregnancy. But despite that, toxic exposures for the baby seem unavoidable. It just may be that the prevalence of unusually high rates of deadly children’s diseases (cancer, leukemia) could be traced back to toxic exposure in the womb.

6. PCB’s/POP’s – Chemicals that make fire retardants in our mattresses. Or the plastic liners in the inside of tin cans are proven carcinogens. They make their way up the food chain. And can also  interfere with the nervous system functions.

7. Arsenic – Another heavy metal that is released into the water and air through smelting of metals like lead, copper and zinc. It affects the blood, kidneys and nervous system.

Click here for more information about chemicals in our environment and how they effect us.

4 Natural approaches to eliminating toxins:

  • Cilantro – is known to bind mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum
  • Garlic – contains sulfur compounds that oxidize mercury, cadmium and lead to turn them water-soluble making it easier for your body to excrete them.
  • Chlorella – A Blue-green algae whole food supplement also helps to get rid of lead, uranium and cadmium.
  • Activated Liquid Zeolite– A naturally occurring mineral that once purified and micronized attracts and absorbs heavy metals and other environmental toxins. It comes in an odorless, tasteless liquid that is easy to take and safe for even pregnant women and babies. Not all zeolites are the same, make sure you use a good one.

    This is the one I use and recommend.  Click Here to learn more!


 Is Paleo diet healthy?

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