If you’ve been struggling with yo-yo dieting…
If you lose and gain, lose and gain, lose and gain (more than you lost)…
If you’re feeling unhealthy, uncomfortable, and dare say a little fat…

Discover What


Can Do For Your Body, Your Health, and Your Self-Esteem

This unique program will help you not only shed those pounds, but practically transform your body and change your life to become the person you know you are inside.

I know you’ve probably heard it all before, and you’re reading this with a healthy dose of skepticism. But if you’ll give me 5 minutes, I’d like to show you exactly how this program is different than all the others.

(For starters: I will NEVER promise that it will be effortless or a quick fix… but I do promise that it's the last program you'll need to modify, change and improve your health, body and fitness for life.)

But let’s back up and talk about you for a moment.  If you’re like my best and favorite clients, you’re plainly fed up with not being your best self.

You’re frustrated with the diets and the get-thin-quick schemes and the plasticky “health” food that you can’t exactly pronounce.

You’re longing for real, delicious food that fills you up but doesn’t put on pounds.

And you do NOT have time to spend 2 or 3 hours a day at the gym. (Who does?)

You have a life. A life that you want to get busy living. And you can’t do that with the extra 20, 30, 50 or more pounds literally weighing you down.

And maybe, just maybe, you’re a little worried about the numbers your doctor gave you at your last physical. Your blood sugar, cholesterol, or blood pressure are higher than you want and you’re staring down the barrel of “we can fix it with medication.

Frankly, you’re ready to get out of the dieting hamster wheel and into a program that’s going to show you how to change your life and feel better FOR GOOD.

Sound about right?

If that’s you, then you’re in the exact right place.

This isn’t like all the other programs you’ve tried - that have you going gung-ho for a time and then the second you stop the DIET, you’re right back where you started (or worse)…

Let’s not beat around the bush:

Diets Suck

They assume that all people are the same (they’re not.)

Though human beings share the same general characteristics, there are a wide variety of ways that we differ and it's in those differences that diets fall short.

Gender, activity level, genetics, age, chronic disease, allergies, food intolerance, nutrient deficiencies, beliefs, motivation, personality types are just some of the factors that make us unique and also many of the reasons the diets you've done in the past have failed you.

Most diets can only accommodate a narrow group  of people, so struggling to make them work is an issue of diets in general, not your desire or ability to succeed.

Being on a diet is a little like being in jail. The plan keeps you in line, but without real  freedom to live as you wish.

It's confining and restrictive and it's no wonder we can't wait to finish a diet or bail on it completely!

Diets make us feel like losers if we fall short of 100% compliance and execution of the plan. It's a losing game for most people.

Diets set you up to fail because they suck long-term.

Have you ever noticed that the first thing that you want to do when you go ON a diet is figure out exactly when you can get OFF the diet?

Diets are just short term Band aids for improving  health and body composition. They don't help you overcome bad habits because they are limited in their time frame.

Real and lasting change comes from doing small things over a longer period of time that eventually add up to ACTUAL change. Diets may help lose weight temporarily but it is a rare person who changes permanently because of one.

Let’s be (even more) real for a minute:

You simply can’t afford to go on this way.

I’m not talking about buying a new car, moving to a new neighborhood, getting a better paying job, or any of the other 8 million things you’re hit over the head with every single day.

I’m talking about your body. The only one you get, ever, in this whole lifetime. This is the thing that’s got to get you to your 95th birthday party, that’s got to walk your kids down the aisle, that has to hold your grandchildren and finally take that trip you’ve been putting off since you were young.

Don’t you want to be able to enjoy all of the life you have left?

It’s time for a change.

Imagine being able to walk up the stairs without your knees threatening to strike.

Imagine being able to tie your shoes without your belly getting in the way.

Imagine being able to fit in any single chair you want - even if they have arms.


  • taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • roller coaster rides
  • clothes shopping
  • twirling your kids or grandkids around in the air
  • climbing a ladder
  • plane trips
  • gardening
  • baseball games
  • or even just going for a walk around the neighborhood…

And instead of dreading it or hating it or feeling every single move you make because it’s just uncomfortable…

It’s easy because you’re healthy.

That’s what it means to make a full life change, and that’s what Keto Fit Camp is all about.

Keto Fit Camp is not a diet. It’s not a workout routine. It’s not a rah-rah weight loss group that only celebrates you when you put good numbers on a scale.

Keto Fit Camp is intense, personal coaching that helps you change your life using small, incremental steps that actually stick.

You didn’t gain the extra weight overnight - it’s happened over years or a lifetime of stress and celebrating and binging and shame-eating and sedentary lifestyle.

And so we’re going to work to change the habits that got you where you are - step by step by step.

Because there’s no one-size-fits-all in your weight loss journey, we’re going to figure out a plan specifically tailored for you - and then we’re going to work the plan every single day together so that you can finally, fully meet your goals.

I’ve identified THREE critical, essential elements to any successful weight loss plan, and built Keto Fit Camp around those three elements.

Essential Weight Loss Element #1:

The Information You Need To Succeed… Delivered to Where You Are

Some of our bad habits are developed simply because we don’t know any better. So the first step is going to be to educate you about the right choices. This will happen in a few ways:


Progress is made one step at a time, and the daily lessons will remind you what you need to do to stay on track and progressing- delivered to your computer or mobile device.


We believe in training our clients to use their knowledge and minds to be able to make great choices in every situation. The monthly workshops cover a variety of applicable topics.


In addition to all the online and email-delivered resources, you'll have access to our monthly, private, group coaching live calls for on-the-spot coaching and trainings.

Essential Weight Loss Element #2:

Your Own Personalized Plan

You are the only one that spends 24/7 in your own body. You’re the only one that knows yourself as well as you do. So why would you expect that someone who’s never met you or been you will be able to develop the right plan for you without your input? (that’s why other programs don’t work.)

You and I will work together to develop your own personalized plans for success.


There is no one-size-fits all in life or nutrition. We help you determine which low-carb eating plan is right for your body and goals and help keep you on track by keeping in touch frequently.


While there is plenty of communication and feedback throughout the program, every 3 months we will get on a private call to determine the effectiveness of your program for the prior 12 weeks. We'll make changes and adjustments if needed then.

Essential Weight Loss Element #3:

Accountability and Keeping You On Track

No man is an island, they say. And that means you can’t just hunker down and retreat inside yourself if you want to be successful. The point of Keto Fit Camp is to work together to get you where you want to be.


Two of the most powerful tools for change are learning and accountability. Each are provided for you to maximize your efforts and lead you to lasting success. 


Our powerful software helps with coach/client communication as well as tracking physical and mental progress.


Having 24 hour access to the private Facebook group of like-minded people to rely on for accountability, strategies and sharing successes is another reason our program is so successful.

As you can see, this program has been painstakingly created to help you succeed. Every aspect of your growth and development as a shrinking person has been considered, and each of these three elements are essential to your success.

There are other programs out there that have measure of each of these elements - they give you a plan that’s flexible (but leave it up to you to figure out how to apply it) and they make you share your weight with the entire group… but they don’t teach you the reasons behind the choices you’re making.

Or they just have you workout all the time and fill little bins with bite-sized portions of food and protein shakes (but don’t help you develop a plan specific to your needs)…

Or they simply don’t account for the fact that you’re a human being and you’re going to eat dessert once in a while!

I'm convinced through client results, available research and my own experiences that utilizing a low carb/ketogenic nutrition framework is the best thing we can do for our bodies, metabolism, health and longevity.

That’s what I want for you. A healthy body and a happy heart, because I know you have it in you to achieve your goals.

Check out what a few of my clients have to say about my programs:


Working with Annie  really made me understand WHAT I need to be doing and gave me confidence to make meals and plan in advance which is huge! Annie is so encouraging and inspiring and I was very motivated to learn and participate!


J., Southern Calif.


The changes that I made with Annie's coaching were not overwhelming or unobtainable. But changes she knew I could implement and be successful with.

Additionally Annie brought me peace of mind. She reminded me we are all individuals and I need to find a balance in life that works well for me and brings me enjoyment. She really understood my challenges and helped me overcome them.

Haley S.


Val Jones

While I still have a lot to learn about this, I feel this experience has set me on a path to feel better and accomplish the goals I have.  Annie is the difference. Her care, confidence, compassion and tons of knowledge. I learned that I really can do it. And not only look great, but feel great and perform great.

Val J.


I understand how hard real change is, and we know that in order to HAVE something different, we need to DO something different.


Because I am committed to lasting change for my clients, I require a minimum 3 month commitment to the program.

Ideally, to get the most from the program (based on how it was designed) I'd strongly suggest that clients commit to 1 year.

If you are unable or unwilling to commit for 3 months minimum, then this program is NOT for you.

There is no way to create lasting change in any shorter time frame.

This is NOT a quick fix...it's the last program you'll need to modify, change and improve your health, body and fitness for life.

Once Keto Fit Camp has officially rolled out to a world-wide audience, you will not be able to invest on a monthly payment plan - I will require that you pay for full commitments up front.

But right now, Keto Fit Club is in a soft-launch for its next session on July 17th, 2017 - which means you can still take advantage of the monthly payment pricing at either the 3-month or 12-month commitment level.

All you have to do to sign up is to click the appropriate button below and you’ll be taken to a page to choose your payment plan. Then you can enter your credit card details and you’ll automatically be enrolled.

You’ll receive an e-mail with your login information and a link to the Facebook group - and then we’ll schedule our first call!

Make a 3-Month Commitment

$147 / 3 months
  • OR $62/month

Make a 12-Month Commitment

$597 / 12 months
  • OR $57/month

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Where else can you get this level of nutrition & fitness coaching for less than a cup of coffee a day?

Where else can you change your life for half your cell phone bill?

Remember, you’re receiving:

  • Personalized Nutrition Guidance
  • Daily Lessons
  • Weekly Check-Ins & Progress Checks
  • 3 Month Reviews
  • Progressive, Individualized Workouts
  • Top Level Coaching & Accountability
  • Private Accountability and Support Community

Altogether, this could easily cost you $2,000.00 or $3,000.00 per year … but for right now, you’ll pay less than half that.

But only if you act FAST.

Remember, the next session begins July 17th. Which means your life will change on July 17th. But only if you join now.

Make a 3-Month Commitment

$147 / 3 months
  • OR $62/month

Make a 12-Month Commitment

$597 / 12 months
  • OR $57/month

Dedicated To Your Health,

Annie Berryhill

P.S. If you’ve gotten this far and you’re still not sure… I get it. You’ve been burned before. You’ve been promised the moon and given a cheap reproduction.

But if you’ll let me, I’d like to show you that I’m different. I’d like to show you that my coaching isn’t about following a rigid plan or shaming you into working out.

My coaching is about meeting you where you are. Understanding where you come from and helping you - truly helping you - overcome the obstacles that are keeping you where you are.

Won’t you invest in yourself and your future? At the very least it’s 3-months of trying something that might, just might, change your life.

Make a 3-Month Commitment

$147 / 3 months
  • OR $62/month

Make a 12-Month Commitment

$597 / 12 months
  • OR $57/month