Powerful Lessons from Elite Crossfit Women

Whew! This weeks Crossfit Games Open WOD (11.3) at the SoCal Elite  at CFSC, a Crossfit box in Orange County,CA. The event was a quick one, 5minutes to be exact!

I got to spend some time with the Crossfit Women who 1 year ago were my direct competition. They are Elite, top level,women athletes whose shoes I am not even qualified to shine! But somehow, I ended up in their same heat.

This meant we spent the time before our heat warming up, hanging out, talking and getting to know each other better. Everyone comes from a variety of athletic backgrounds, but they could not be any nicer or more encouraging!

Each one of them shared something with me today that I think every Crossfit athlete would love to know and embrace.

Lisa competed as a college track athlete. One look at her, and there is not doubt she is the Sh*t! She is the picture of the strong, lean, focused athlete practically all of us would love to be.

When we finished today, as everyone was leaving, she came up beside me, put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. This just struck me as the simplest and most powerful way to affirm and support a fellow athlete. While clearly I am no threat to her, I believe that it would not matter. She would have been that thoughtful anyway.
Use simple, yet powerful ways to be supportive.


Mel and I have had many conversations over the past year at various competitions in the area. She was a competitive gymnast for 18 years and it seems that there is literally NOTHING she cannot do! I admire the understated way she handles her business. Grace and beauty under pressure is the best way to describe her as an athlete.

In the course of conversation today, I was surprised to learn that we shared some of the  potential “fears” about the competition. Believe me, I was the one with much to fear, she is just sincerely humble. In a world that is dog eat dog, especially among women; Melissa is humble yet completely capable and powerful.

Let the truest thing about you be from what you do, rather than what you say.

I met Sarah a year ago at another competition. I don’t even think she was competing; she was simply there to support her younger brother. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, she had me off to find a wall so she could  teach me how to do a Kipping Handstand Push up. It was coming up in my next workout and it would make a huge difference for me to be able to do it. She did an expert job of coaching, because I was able to execute it in the workout that night.
Sarah herself is an intense competitor, again, quietly going about her way crushing her competition. It is no wonder she has her sights set on law enforcement. She is a total giver, putting others ahead of herself.

Give of yourself to help others be better with no expectation of payback.

Noelani Prietto
Noelani is a woman who trains at the same gym I do, so I have known her for a few years. She too has a gymnastic background, has an incredible work ethic,and is phenomenally strong and beautiful. I absolutely love to watch her work and am grateful when I have the opportunity to work alongside her.
She is another humble, accomplished, generous female Crossfit athlete. Her competing and coaching style reflect her gentle but determined nature and she contributes to the growth of all the athletes she inspires.

There have been countless times that I have received a text from Noelani that contained words of encouragement, praise and celebration even when I felt it was undeserved. She is so aware of the needs of others, it is no wonder she has found her vocation in medicine.

Share your knowledge, share your heart. The world will be blessed.
This woman is a dynamo. I dare you to keep up with her. She is a phenomenal athlete, the kind that if she played football, would always be in the coaches face saying “Give me the ball Coach, I can do it!” Spend 2 minutes with her and it is very easy to see that when she decides to do something, she does it to the Nth degree. It is that complete and total commitment and a “balls to the wall” attitude that keeps her in the winners circle.

In our conversation that day, she told me about something- which was followed with the statement “Oh, but that’s just an excuse”. It was impressive to hear this from such a high level Crossfitter. She clearly understood that she had created an “escape hatch” for doing less than her best, but caught herself right away. It is no wonder she is so dominant in the sport.

You can have EXCUSES or RESULTS, not both

Who are you as a Crossfitter? Do you bring with you a benefit to the other athletes around you, or do you drain everyone by your ego, excuses, demands and complaints?

Follow the great ones,  and do what they do as they lead by example.  Its no surprise that these women are also coaches. We all know that good coach will tell you when to pull you head out of your butt, what you need to do to get better, pick you up when you're down. In turn, you just might be a better human as well as a Crossfitter.

I’m a coach, I have the tools to help you be your best. Let’s start you on your path to your Crossfit destiny.
Contact me for help with Nutrition, Crossfit, or if you want to try the Best Chocolate for Athletes…Chava!

I can't thank you enough Anne how helpful you were today and putting in all your Sunday time with coaching me….you are so talented and I honestly would love to workout with you more often on lifting and skill work. Just one day with you and I felt a big improvement even though I couldn't get my rep after getting wrecked in yesterdays double WOD!! U are an inspiration woman!! See you soon 🙂  Natalie M.

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Annie B

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  • Anne,
    Couldn't have described my fellow Crossfit competitors any better. They are beautiful, fierce, and carry a spiritual force that few can reckon with. It was amazing to be in the room with so many awesome women!

    • Hey Larissa!
      Well, a good place to start is to figure out where it is you want to end up?
      What are you biggest challenges? Do you have injuries? Have you worked out before?
      What’s your diet like (its really 80% of the “in Shape” equation right there)?

      This is only the tip of the iceberg. But if getting in shape is more of a “have to” then a “really want to”, it will be even more important to figure out why, and then the how, what and when.
      Is that any help?
      Let me know!

  • You look awesome, as always, Anne. You are such an encouragement to others and you walk your talk with Crossfit. Wished I lived closer to get back into your class.

  • Thank you Annie for giving a lot of advice and tips for life. Definitely by see the picture, anyone can be inspired to start doing it. Great stuff …thanks

  • Annie
    I loved this section.  I love to hear about women supporting women, even when they are competing against one another!  I experience this in my realm, which is competitive tennis.  Many women I meet are so happy to meet fellow players and always like to encourage and feed off of one another.  Even after a fierce match!  Keep up the great work Anne!  I enjoy it 🙂


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