How Different Does your Body Feel?

How different does your body feel now vs. a few years ago?


This question popped in my mind, so I thought I would ask you…..
Here's a little video, and it would be very cool to hear about YOUR experiences below (in the comment box).
(Oh, and you really don't need to share your age if your don't want to, I am not THAT mean!)

Tell me all about your story here and what you want to do about it in the comment box!

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  • At 60+ I am happy to report that I feel fantastic! Sure I have some stiffness and some mystery aches on occasion but that just reminds me that I'm alive and growing every day. I'm not much on comparing how my body has changed over the years as much as how I have changed to appreciate my body more with every passing year. As far as I'm concerned TODAY is my best day. I love being fit, eating well and surrounding myself with people I care about and who care about me. Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Spinning, Weight Training,SUP or a walk in the park…bring it on!

    • Linda, I had no idea that you were 60+, NO WAY! You look incredible! I love all the different things you do to keep yourself looking and feeling amazing! I truly appreciate your input!

  • in high school and college i was an athlete and weighed roughly 180 pounds. at 31 years old i ran a marathon at 185 pounds. at 35, i started crossfit at 200+ pounds and a hair over 22% body fat. i'll be 37 in december and feel and look better than i ever have. i got dunked a few weeks back and weighed in at 173 pounds and 10.6% body fat. needless to say, i'm excited about what my future looks like on this path – and a little shocked at what my past looked like.

    • Wow! 10.6% Huh???That Crossfit is definitely working for you! Thanks for sharing..its a great testimony!

  • Great video!  The biggest difference between my age now, 53 and say 10 years ago, is that I cannot "overindulge" the way I used too.  Eat too much, drink too much, too much sugar and caffeine, staying up too late.  I can feel the effects of excessive much more than when I was younger and my recovery time is slower.  Thanks for asking! 

  • Hi Anne,
    Just wanted to chime in and let you know how the decades have been treating this body.  
    At 22, I was just married, and was able to eat just about anything in quantity.  My family always said "I was a good eater" and that "I really hid my weight well on my particular frame."  I accepted both statements as true, but wasn't satisfied with the way I looked, image-wise, very self-conscience.  I felt "soft, curvy, flexible, safe, reserved" 
    At 32, I was with a corporate office for 10 years, and felt that my best years, of youth, were sacrificed behind a desk for 40 hours a week, plus commute time.  I wasn't putting my health first, but just surviving the rough spots of life, death, and stress.  Just a few years afterwards I was outsourced from my job, and wanted to start a family, which we did.  A year later, I ballooned to 192 lbs. and was close to weighing as much as my husband.  I felt "stressed, out-of-control, unmotivated, settled for less, lost"
    At 42, I am putting my health first.  I have will-power with food choices and quantity because when I look at that chocolate chip cookie, I see the amount of exercise it would take to burn those calories, and if I decide to eat it, its a conscience decision, and I am accountable to myself.  I am in better shape now that I was 20 years ago, and continue to work out maybe 2 X's a week to maintain a size 4, which makes me a better wife, mother, and business owner.  I used to think exercise was selfish in a way, because it took time away from my family and responsibilities, but now, it's a necessity, like food, to keep this machine running smooth. Today I feel "balanced, self-nurtured, goal-oriented, successful, strong, challenged, acceptance, healthy"
    I'll let you know how 52 works out, too!


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