Multiple Roles Over-Whelmia!

I know what you’re thinking…You know exactly what that struggle feels like in your life. It’s like the guy at the circus with all the plates spinning on top of the long sticks, sometimes the best you can do is to give a little tap to each one just to keep them from crashing down on top of you!

Like so many dynamic, amazing women, we want it all and desperately want to do it all, with excellence, maybe even perfection. 

So YOUR big question is HOW?


How do I…..

*manage my time so I can really nurture the people, professions and projects in my life?

*make my health (inner and outer) a priority so I can have the energy and strength to get stuff done? I have tried it all, why doesn’t it work?

 *manage my stress? I hate to flip out at my family and co-workers but I just get so overwhelmed!

 *get things done so that I am appreciated and reinforced?


There are a lot of how DO I… statements there. I have found in my experience that that is often a sign of the Superwoman Syndrome… women who do it all, and that is usually TOO much.


So, are there answers to balancing your life, your goals with your responsibilities? I think so, but they require a degree of focus and planning. But here is one quick tip to help you grasp even one tiny spot of relief.

Prioritize. Perhaps you have heard of it (Wink). You know, taking care of the most important things first. For everyone this is different, but the process works for all.


1.Take a sheet of paper and fold it or divide it into 4’s

2.Then, at the top of each box, list one of your 4 top roles ( For example:Work, Family/Home, Personal Care, Project)

3.Fill in each box with a different role

4.Then make a list under each role of the things that need to be done.

5.Number each one in the order of priority and timeframe necessary and then


You may not accomplish everything on your list, but my promise is that you will finish the most pressing, potentially stress-causing things. Ahhhhh, Hello life balance!


I would love to see how it works for you! If you want the Excel Spreadsheet like the one I use, send me and email with Spreadsheet in the subject line @



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Annie B

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  • I love the picture! We all at some point can label each plate with all of things we multi-task in our lives. But in the end they will continue to spin unless we take ACTION. Thanks for the wonderful reminder Anne.

  • I totally agree that as women, we try to do WAAAAAY too much and this information looks useful to overcoming some of that “superwoman syndrome.” Thanks for your insights, Anne. 🙂

  • Anne, I love your article. Yes I want your spreadsheet, gonna email you. That is a great idea, instead of creating “one” to do” list, I love to make one in each quadrant because I am always checking off my list which is all on the “work” quadrant. Beautiful site, love your picture, everything looks so clean and professional. Good job!

  • Wonderful post Anne, we are both on the same mission how fun!! Life Balance is such a far off dream for some, but with the write tools it is definately doable. Look forward to see more.

  • Hey Anne, thank you for this. been a little overwhelmed this week and reminders of what is important are always a good thing.

  • There are so many ways to set goals and make to-do lists – this one actually sounds like one of the simplest and most efficient I’ve heard. Thanks!

  • Anne – AWESOME article! Thanks for the simple, do-it-right-now steps!

  • Great post Anne. With all the expectations faced by ladies people are always demanding more! So I like your step by step approach to help get things in order.

  • Hi Anne, thanks for the reminder! The next time I ask myself “how can I _?”, I’ll remind myself that I may be trying to do too much.

  • I love your header….and your blog is great! Definitely can relate. Feels good to mark off things; I use that system a lot where I identify by # which is most important and start there!!! Can’t wait to read more!

  • Thanks Anne, for sharing a super post this was a must share. It highlighted points that everyone can learn from!

  • When I open your link, your site looks to good to miss because of you header with your big smile and your name with “IDENTIFY MAGNIFY ACTIVATE”.

    Keep up your good Anne and awesome sharing too. Have a great day and enjoyed reading your sharing. Thank you

  • I love your blog! I think EVERY woman can relate to this post in one way or another. Thanks for the great tips!


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