Why you should be Intrigued & Amazed, but NOT Afraid of Crossfit!

Why you should be Intrigued & Amazed,

but NOT Afraid of Crossfit!

By Annie Berryhill


Every time I tell someone or show someone Crossfit videos and movements, people are usually pretty stunned. They get that way because truly, some of the stuff that people are doing are simply amazing and at times awe-inspiring. Its every day people do extraordinary things!

Unfortunately, the most common next response is "Wow, that is really great, I could never do anything like that".

Having been doing Crossfit full time for 3 years as a participant, athlete, competitor and coach, I have seen EVERY kind of body type, age, ability level gender, hair color participate AND make incredible physical gains using the Crossfit methodolgy.

The key is in the scaling. Scaling simply means taking a workout as written, and adapting it to each individual's abilities, limitations and personal situations.

Let's face it, how many 40-something, slightly-out-of-shape ladies do you know that can jump up to a pull up bar and start cranking them out? Unless she was already doing them or a former gymnast…there isnt much chance of that. BUT with the assistance of a band,used as a counter-weight, now that 40-something gal is cranking them out, full chin over bar at first crack!

You know what that does? It builds belief!

It builds belief in themselves, in the possibilities, in the hope that all is not down hill at 40-ish.

Want to know what else it does?…it restores.

It restores muscle tone, coordination, youthful energy and a sense of play, the desire to feel fully alive!

But more than anything, Crossfit builds strength.

You just said DUH, didn't you? I don't mean the kind of strength that can lift a car off of a trapped toddler. While it probably would create that type of strength, the greatest strength building is the kind that happens in the mind.

Countless times, I have watched as timid, doubting, shaky, nervous, unskilled, limited people begin a Crossfit program. Their fear is palatable. But they show up, they do the work, again, and again and again. Soon, you start to see the physical changes, they share stories about how there are powerful changes happening outside the gym walls. Decisions being made, action being taken that are life changing for the positive. They move with a different flow. No longer a slumped over, baggy-clothed wallflower, they move with a new found confidence, much like a swagger.

Yes, the strength of self begins to grow from the inside as well. The mind gets steely on its task to complete the required work. Surprisingly, things that were avoided for their difficulty in regular life are tackled with ease, all built on the steel structure of the mental game of Crossfit.

How about you? Does that sound like something that is missing in your life, in your world and attitude?

There is no need to bring the excuse of fear here, only the hope of progress, strength and a new lease on life in every way imaginable.

There are lots of ways to get started, even in your own backyard, garage or family room. I am here to help you start on that path, you just have to put your shoes on and take the first step.


Won't you kick fear to the curb and start your personal journey?

Feel free to share your comments, fears and experiences in the comment box below!

You are DESIGNED to live


Today is a good day to get started, I am here to help.



Anne (Annie) Berryhill is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Perfomance Coach, Crossfit Athlete and competitor who owns and operates OC Fitness Revival in Orange County, CA.   Services include personal and group training, nutrition classes and counseling, as well as providing incredible health-improving supplements to help people  to make the most out of what they've got.

Contact her today for a Free class, Nutrition consultation or to try Chava Chocolate for Athletes!

(949) 280-3407  Anne@anneberryhill.com


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  • Great article as always Annie!  I remember when my wife first came to the gym and I asked her if she wanted to do Crossfit.  Her response was something like "I can't do that, those women at your gym are in such great shape." To which I responded: "How do you think they got that way?"  She was very intimidated so I just left it alone until 6 months or so went by and she came to me wanting to give it a try.  She loves it now.  Will she compete? maybe one day, maybe not,  but she's just happy wearing sizes that she hasn't worn since high school.  

  • Okay, you simply had some of your trainees in mind when you wrote this article didn't you… I am a product of Anne Berryhill's 6 weeks of boot-camp CrossFit work outs, and when I met her, was already loosing and toning, but went from a size 12 to a sixe 8, AND grateful for learning the basics from her, during my 1 on 1 with her.  I furthered my program at a local CrossFit gym, and lifted 95 lbs. on a push-jerk a couple weeks ago.  My husband sees the results, and likes them, and my daughter is truly supportive when I take her with me.  The only drawback I can think of is, CrossFit is addicting, because every time you reach a new PR, there's another challenge waiting in the wings.  The work our is never the same, and I love that the actual workout is intense and under 20 minutes, typically. Anne is a true inspiration, mentor, and friend. 

    • Haha Sherry! Your comments go a long way towards helping those who are wary and intimidated about CF! You have come such a long way and I am SUPER proud of you! Thanks for sharing!

  • Annie as usual you are reading my mind!  CrossFit has truly transformed me not just physically but mentally.    I am still nervous before I train, hit a WOD that you know is going to suck or go for a new PR but I WANT to do it anyway.  I WANT to crush that WOD, go UP 5 lbs on that lift, and CHEER on my CF family that is going for the same goals.  Thank you for being one of my mentors in the sport! 


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