Putting Food in its Proper Place (Psst, it's not about your pantry)

We need to put food into its proper place, but how many people even know where that place is?


Think about it, food is FOR:

Nourishment To feed our cells, provide energy, rebuild muscle, promote growth, procreate and perform critical life functions within and outside of our bodies.


Social- Since the dawn of time, humans have utilized food in a variety of ways to create community, and relationships over meals. I believe that it is critical to a society to have the connector of food to grow and sustain a society. Man cannot live by work or bread alone!

Food is NOT to be used as a Powerful, Legal Drug

Unfortunately, our modern culture has turned food into a drug of sorts. You know the thing you reach for when you are sad, angry, frustrated or generally out of control in one area or another of your life!That is when we as humans get in all kinds of trouble. Look at your pet… I bet that food stays in the bowl for days if there is tension in the house, the last thing their instinct tells them to do is eat when they are stressed, sad or sick.

So maybe it is the quality and the addiction to certain things in our food. Processed grains (that breakdown in our bodies into sugars), High Fructose Corn Syrup in everything, sugar cereal (a double whammy of sugar), even having a fruit based diet can get you into needing more and more sugar. It has been reported that sugar is as addictive as crack cocaine. People sneak it, steal it, put it in front of other things of importance, waste money on it and on.

Food is NOT to blame- Your choices are!

Our culture has moved into obesity because of the outspoken vilification of food. All of the sugar-laden examples I listed previously are addictive and are terrible for our health, but food is not the cause. No more than it’s the guns fault and innocent victim was shot. Food is a tool, plain and simple. It is people who use it for purposes other than what God intended it to be.  Shame on those who would put the blame of their ill health, depression, obesity, mental health, relationship problems because of food. Put down the doughnut and make a better choice!

Crappy Food is NOT Real Food

We are all dietetic sinners; only a small percent of what we eat nourishes us; the balance goes to waste and loss of energy.  ~William Osler

 Wake up people, start cutting the garbage out of your diet. If it has ingredients you can’t pronounce, or if has more than 5 ingredients, your probably would be better off avoiding it! But even if you do, you and the food are not Bad, you just made a poor choice. You can be right back on track of feeling good, performing well, sleeping like a baby, being clear-eyed and having boundless energy by making the choice to befriend food and using it as a tool for amazing living!

Food IS your FRIEND!

Eat Clean- Live and Amazing Life!!

 Once you clean up your food, your body will start to heal, and your habits will start to change. You will think more clearly, the memory will improve, body composition will favor longevity. The longer you are cleaned up, the more the crap food from your past will make you feel terrible. This becomes the motivation to stay the course! Resist being on a diet… be on a life program!


So, what’s next? Ready to make food your friend and put it in it’s proper place? Fill out the form below to be updated on upcoming programs to set you free from diets and dieting!   


 I want to make friends with food!





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Annie B

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  • it took me 3 times to break my sugar in my tea addiction. was really tough, and could only do it, cold turkey.

  • Hi Anne,

    Well written and very informative. Thank you for this in-depth sharing. Some of the things I did not know but now I know something new.

  • Anne – LOVE this!! I’ve been studying healthier choices for the last 3-4 years and this was a great reminder to even me. Thank you for putting this into perspective!

  • Yes, there is some tough love suggestions here for healthier eating habits. But, they are the truth. I do real well for a while and then I will crave some unhealthy foods.. So, I haven’t reached the stage of complete healthy choices ALL the time. Great article.

  • Anne,
    I love the information in the article. It’s true that food is not to blame, our choices are. You hit it right on target. Thanks for reminding us that we can control food and not have food control us. Keep the great info coming!

  • That sugar addiction is a tough one for so many. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  • Im convinced that choices dont just start with our will. We have to have a way to move certain obstacles out of our way to suceed. Spiritual health is a huge factor which ties into your brain. You need somthing powerful to super clense that organ and then support it with lots of God thoughts. After that renewal you are ready to eat only whats good for you. {ve been using Waiora products for 5 mos and finally ready to live food right!


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