Seriously?…Another Article about 2012 Goal Setting?

Seriously? Another Article about 1012 Goal Setting?

By Annie Berryhill


Its the special time between the buying holiday and the goal setting holiday.

Yay! or maybe not…..


In the last few days, my email box has been flooded with emails about setting goals for 2012. On one level, it motivates me but on the other hand it makes me feel kind of annoyed.

How many times have you set goal at the beginning of a New Year only to abandon them in a few days or weeks?

How long ago did you just STOP setting any New Years Resolutions or goals because you learned that you NEVER follow through and make them a reality?

As a fitness and nutrition coach and accidental therapist (check out this powerful video about attitude here), I am the landing place for many people's goals and aspirations. I personally have seen the tough-minded and the wishy-washy struggle with following through and completion. So what is that all about? Why do we seemingly set ourselves up for failure every time?

Here are some ideas about failure and resolutions:

1. The goal was not really inspiring. It didn't have that passion or fire attached to it, meaning, you really didn't want it all that much.

2. The belief of success was not there. If failure was experienced when trying before, no doubt, failure would be the outcome again…or so the self would say.

3. Someone stole your dream before it could take wing. Yep, even the people who love you the most are not always the best people to share your goals with because of THEIR issues (fear, control, jealousy).

4.The goal was way too scary, and no one likes to be THAT scared. Better to retreat and stay in the comfort of sameness.

Surely there a many more reasons, but these are very common. Do you see yourself in any of these? Or maybe you have something that consistently gets you hung up and short of the finish line. Would you be brave enough to share them with me, with us, in the comment box? Here is my hang up….

I was quite the creative problem solver and inventor as a kid. I remember my mind would race with hair-brained and very good ideas and products. More than anyone, I wanted my dad to accept me and be proud of me and so I would bring him my precious, creative ideas. But nearly every time I did, he would say to me…."That is a great idea, but THAT WILL NEVER WORK". 

Wow, what a great thing to say to a dreamer (which all kids should be, right). Consequently, I have the problem of setting goals, laid out with specific plans and details that in the end, I stop short of accomplishing. My inner voice is not allowing my true self to take my goals to fruition.

Isn't it amazing that nearly 40 years after those statements were spoken over me, I still believe them. Was my dad right? No, I don't believe he was, in fact, I believe he was so afraid of failing that he did not want me to experience it. But the truth is, it set me up to  try just hard enough TO fail.


We all need to fail, and more than just TRY to get to our goals, we need to run hard in the direction of the dream and goal. Put on blinders, trust that if you have the dream, there will be a way to get to the dream. Even if you don't get to it exactly, just think of the places you will "go" in the pursuit!

Time for you to analyze yourself before setting goals or resolutions for 2012. Set them really big and scary, enlist those you know you can trust to help you get there (stay quiet it about it to the rest), throw everything else to the curb and GO-GO-GO


You matter to me, and so do your goals. I can be that safe Dream Keeper to help you get there. When you win, I win…because I know what I am here to do and it is to help you get past your CRAP and get to the Dream Life, Dream Body and Dream attitude that is already inside of you, waiting to BURST onto the scene…I'm ready, How about you?


Leave your thoughts and comments in the box, I love to hear from you!


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Services include personal and group training, nutrition classes and counseling, as well as providing incredible detoxifying, health-improving supplements to help people  to make the most out of what they’ve got.

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