For the Ladies: What Does it Mean to be Crossfit Strong?

By Annie Berryhill

Recently, I read a blog about being Crossfit strong. It was written by Freddy Camacho with contributions from Chyna Cho. Read the Dec 18th, 2011 article here. He was discussing what it meant to be Powerlifting strong vs. being Crossfit strong. At the very end of the post, he added some weightlifting goal numbers that he is working on as well as a percentage of the male  numbers to represent what MAY be an representation of what Crossfit strong is for the ladies.

From the article, it wasn't as if he was stating that those numbers were the end-all-be-all for the actual numbers for high level  or ANY Crossfit women athletes, but he threw it out there as a point of discussion.Its a very interesting read.

Here are the numbers he shared for the females:

  • 330# Deadlift
  • 264# Squat
  • 198# bench press
  • 132# press
  • 198# clean and jerk
  • 132# snatch

I looked at them and honestly, I felt a little bad. I am NO WHERE CLOSE to any of these numbers, nor do I think if I get well and do serious work, I will ever get very close.

But that brings me to my question, what do you consider to be the definition of strong in your world and your mind?

Are you working to break World or US records are only to keep breaking your own Personal Records?

Is strong a matter of the mind or solely of the body?

What is your definition of the ultimate strong woman?

Clearly, it may mean different things to different people, but ultimately, that is the most important thing to understand as a participant, athlete, competitor or as a coach.

My personal definition of strong is Becca Voight.

I am not sure all the reasons why, but I have always appreciated her physical accomplishments and strength, and I am always so amazed by the way she goes about her business.

She is strong in her determination, her drive, her humility and her belief.


Do you have anyone you look up to because of an aspect of their strength?

Who and what inspires your strength?

Share your thoughts in the comments below..let's get the conversation started!


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  • oh. I didn't like that article about being Crossfit strong! It sounded like the weightlifting mentality overlaid on a Crossfit workout. I had to check myself on my reaction, though. I agree it's literally correct to worry about numbers (exclusively) when your discussing strength, and that was his point, not a larger definition of strength. To me, "crossfit strong" doesn't mean numbers only. It's much more than that. It's seeing the WOD and being terrified, but going anyway, giving it your best and walking away knowing you couldn't have done that last month … or even last week. 
    It's realizing I'm not out of breath when I run up the stairs … carrying groceries. It's feeling like Rocky on top of the steps in Philadelphia when I realize I've stopped grudging girls I see on the beach with waif-like, willowy figures because my paradigm of beauty has shifted. "She might look cute, but can she CLEAN?"


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