Why Systems and Accountability Equals Healthy Results

Why Systems and Accountability Equals Healthy Results

By Annie Berryhill


We all want results, but do you want to create that result over and over, or do you want to get to your goal and STAY at your goal? Ever wonder why you feel like that never happens? It may be that you lack a system for success and  accountability to someone who has your goals as their goals!

It's just gotta be said, because your results matter to me.

  • Who are you accountable to?
  • What system are you using to stay on track?
  • How do you know where you are going and where you have been?
  • Why are you not THERE yet?


Knowing WHAT to do to get a result and DOING what you need to do are so different.

In order to know what you want, where you are and where you've been, and what to do to move forward, you need to have a system. Its so important because without a system you won't know if you are coming or going or if you are even in the vicinity of your goals! The most successful people in business, athletics, money management or anything, use systems to propel them forward! Do you have a system in place for your health, fitness and nutrition goals?

You know what they say….

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


So, what's your plan for 2012? Are you planning, or just winging it? I have done both and without question, planning and systemizing has brought me to the most successful places. But, even with planning, if you are going it alone, you will never get to the places that you can with teamwork and accountability. It's one of the reasons that Crossfit gets such good results! When people expect you to show up and do the work, and tell them about that work (by tracking etc), EVERYONE will be more compelled to show up and bring their  "A" game.

If you haven't followed the plan and you have to tell someone about it…yikes…that could be potentially embarrassing! So you absolutely must have a plan, that plan needs to be a system. That system needs to be so simple it is doable almost on auto-pilot. But it takes time to make a change, and it is easy to wander off the path so …..


Most people will do more when they know that they are being watched.


For example, if you are doing a Crossfit WOD, working your reps at the gym, Paleo or clean eating programs, or running your business and you KNOW that someone is watching you..automatically, you turn things up a notch. Your form will improve or you will go faster, or you will put better food in your pie hole -you will work better just because you know someone is watching you.

That is pretty much a description of accountability. It means that even if someone does not have their eyes on you 24/7, having  to make an account of you actions, attitudes, and results to them is like being watched. Yeah, you could lie, but in the end, that would mean that you lose out on your goals.

 3 Methods of Accountability to consider to get a faster, better and longer lasting result.

( In order of effectiveness)

Results are what we want, right?


1. (GOOD) Write it down, journal style. Your journal become your accountability coach. This format is better than nothing because at minimum you can see if you have made any progress. The trap is that you can easily cheat because, well, it's only YOU!

2. (BETTER) Write it down and share it with someone who cares, even a tiny bit. This could be posting it to a community site, on Facebook, or in a forum especially for people who have similar goals (fitness, weight loss, business goals, personal goals). Again, there is the temptation to "pad" the truth, and that really goes back to you, your goal and personal integrity.

3. (BEST) Enlist the help of someone to "look over your shoulder". Not only would you share your written account, there would be actual interaction with you and your accountability coach/partner. Doing the work of talking things over still gives you the opportunity to fudge the truth, but if you are working alongside someone who has your goals in mind, and has taken the time to get to know you and what makes you tick, your temptation to lie or cheat will be reduced. They won't let you do it, and you won't want to be caught doing it either.


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