The Paleo Solution Diet -It's a Highway to Health

Paleolithic Nutrition, The Caveman Paleolithic Diet, The Primal Blueprint… all seem to be the rage right now.

The CaveMen of the 2011 Crossfit Games


While the official Crossfit Nutrition program is The Zone, more and more you find that the vast majority of people straddle both The Zone and a Paleo type of diet.

While eating Paleo is super healthy, and has literally saved lives, I get a little disturbed by the amount of people who profess to be Paleo. And feel it is their duty to convert everyone and anyone to a 100%  Strict Paleolithic nutrition plan.

Lest you think I am Anti-Paleo, I want to assure you that I live a life aligned much more closely with the principles of  Paleo, than of anything else. What I am proposing is a less cut and dried approach to the whole Paleo solutions way of life.

The cavemen were the ones that did not have a choice, not us. We can still live in the modern world with modern time constraints and helps.

The Simple Truth About Paleolithic Nutrition

In case you don’t know what Paleo solutions is all about. It is eating a diet that mirrors that of early man.

Filled withPaleo nutrition

  • grass-fed meats,
  • animal fat
  • organ products,
  • nuts,
  • seeds,
  • green veggies
  • a little bit of fruit.

This plan is also referred to as a clean way of eating.

There is no allowance for: bread, pasta, rice, oatmeal, candy, cake, beans and lentils. Simply because it was not part of the diet of early man. And the contention is that our human bodies are better suited to eating this way. Much of our current disease states can be attributed to the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of a grain-based diet.

I have seen time after time how making these changes actually changes how a person looks, feel and performs.

But too many Paleo followers are too cut throat about following the plan. You know what this does? It has the potential to completely undo all the good. And start to create people who have BORDERLINE EATING DISORDERS!

At the Crossfit Games of 2010 it was hilarious to see the negative looks that  some followers gave the people who braved the Cinnabon booth on Sunday morning in an attempt to make them feel really bad for that choice.

WHAT?….come on… the only reason that you should feel bad is if that crap food actually makes you go running for the bathroom. Or grab your gut, doubled-over in pain. As much as I am a believer, I just have a very difficult time with the contention that Strict 100%  Paleo is the ONLY way to be healthy, happy and fit.

Degrees of  The Paleo Solution Diet

In a recent conversation with a fellow Paleo proponent, we discussed how that in this world, there really needs to be some room for degrees of participation. Simply said, some degree of implementation of Paleo principles is a TON better then ZERO compliance.

The Paleo Solution Diet Highway

The Fast Lane

Faster Middle Lane

 Middle Lane

The Slow Lane


Fast, On Track

Settled In, Cruising

Getting Comfortable on the Road

Entry Lane Easy On/Easy off


30 Strict Days to Start

Most Diet Foes are cut out

Is successful at cutting out a couple things

Has tried cutting out some items, maybe grains?


100% In

85% Committed

50/50 Committed

Low, Not really sure that it’s worth it


I never want that other food again, and you shouldn’t ever eat it either -I feel so damn good and I am good at doing this plan!

I feel pretty great, what can I do to feel even better?

 I do feel a little better, my jeans are looser, could this be working?

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t..I’m not going to try to hard because I don’t really believe in it yet

I guess I have more things to think about than what someone else is or isn’t eating. I mean, unless the are MY client and they WANT me to think about it.

The bottom line is that science and real-life stories are supporting Paleolithic Nutrition as a viable way to live and to achieve a healthy body. It’s important to support others on their journey even if they don’t want to drive in the fast lane.

We all get to choose what is best for each of us, let’s not divide ourselves because of our different degrees of commitment to Paleo solutions, we can ALL be winners.

Ready to get on The Paleo Solution Diet Highway?

Lucky for you, I can help you to ease onto it. Or hit the gas and make a run for the Fast lane!




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  • Annie, this was a great description … so easy to understand the different levels of commitment to ANY type of change. (I’m just thrilled to see that, on my own, I’ve landed somewhere between Middle of the Road and Faster Middle of the Road in my food choices… and it works for me as a lifestyle.) We each have to pick our battles. For some, it’s die-hard Fast Lane as a food solution … for others, it’s staying healthy and putting more focus on a different life challenge. Thanks for the useful framework!

  • Wow, I really enjoyed his article. I never heard of this diet, but it really makes sense. I am definitely interested Annie. I didn’t know you were injured, I hope everything is ok. Hugs


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