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Month: February 2011 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: February 2011

How to Be a Great Athlete

 Have you really ever stopped to think about what makes a great athlete, well really great? I mean, why is there only so few really  super great athletes in sport?  What is that special something that allows them to move from mediocre to magnificent? How in the heck to we get our hands on that? […]

Why Crossfit Women Rock

Cross fit women have come to the forefront of the fitness world.Though Cross fit is not quite a household word,  it boasts having some of the most amazing, rounded athletes in the world. These are not just men, but women competing in the same variety of movements that their male counterparts. From Gymnastic movements to […]

Putting Food in its Proper Place (Psst, it's not about your pantry)

We need to put food into its proper place, but how many people even know where that place is?     Think about it, food is FOR: Nourishment– To feed our cells, provide energy, rebuild muscle, promote growth, procreate and perform critical life functions within and outside of our bodies.   Social- Since the dawn […]