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Month: April 2011 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: April 2011

Discover Your Fitness and Nutrition Personality Style

Every person has their own personality, but did you ever think about how much your personality affects the way you approach fitness, nutrition and wellness in general?Click here to grab a peek at your personality style!  Ask yourself these questions: When starting a Fitness/Nutrition program do you:   1. Jump in with 2 feet, hard […]

Crossfit brings out the MORE in ANYONE

This is Jim…Jim is tired, but Jim is happy! Jim just finished another Crossfit workout (that explains why he's smiling now!)   Like most people relatively new to Crossfit, Jim can't believe what he is required to do in a WOD. But, like most people, Jim has come to enjoy and even look forward to […]

When Food Doesn't Love You Back

We  Crossfitters, MMMM we love food, especially when its called Chocolate (except for my Chava Chocolate), beer, pasta, chips, or giant Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches or Pizza. Really, the list is enormous and personal, but in general, we really  love to eat! In this recent quest to uncover what is killing my training progress, it […]

Powerful Lessons from Elite Crossfit Women

Whew! This weeks Crossfit Games Open WOD (11.3) at the SoCal Elite  at CFSC, a Crossfit box in Orange County,CA. The event was a quick one, 5minutes to be exact! I got to spend some time with the Crossfit Women who 1 year ago were my direct competition. They are Elite, top level,women athletes whose […]

The Crossfit Life- 4 Big Fixes

Another weekend has come and gone, and for many, it was another chance to perform the Crossfit Games qualifier WOD.   For many people, it was a week of amazing accomplishment and sky high scores (see some photos from the event I attended here). For others, myself included, this week was another week of performing […]