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Month: August 2011 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: August 2011

A Cyber Hug for you today

“Whenever you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place!”   Life can be challenging, even downright hard sometimes. Kids, finances, relationships, jobs all have a way of cutting us off at the knees sometimes. It makes it easy to want to throw in the towel, take […]

Food Addiction is Real and it's No Joke

Food Addiction is Real and it's No Joke By Annie Berryhill <<<<Warning…this is a heavy topic today. But, I feel like it needs to be tackled, hang with me if you can.>>>  Unfortunately and fortunately I work with people who are addicted to food. It's a slippery slope. Food is legal, accepted, encouraged and required. […]

Body Types and the Real You

Body Types and the Real You By Annie Berryhill Have you ever heard about body types? Did you know that there are actual scientific descriptions for the wide array of shapes that people come in? It could become an EXCUSE and an REASON all together. I remember when I was in high school, I was […]

Accountability Equals Results

Accountability Equals Results By Annie Berryhill   Today I am gunning for you, and it's gonna hit you hard and fast regarding Accountability and Results. It's just gotta be said, because your results matter to me. Who are you accountable to? What system are you using to stay on track? How do you know where […]

The Inner Game of Crossfit – Part 1

The Inner Game of Crossfit-Part 1 By Annie Berryhill One of my most-read books is called The Inner Game of Tennis by W.Timothy Gallwey. It is all about how to focus the mind during sport or competition to overcome nerves, insecurity, distractions and doubt. While the lessons are mostly taught though the examples of coaching […]

How To Give Yourself Permission To Be A Champion

   How To Give Yourself Permission To Be A Champion by Annie Berryhill There is so much skill, talent, heart, involved in being a champion. People say they want to be a champion, but few have the fortitude, the natural gifts and access to coaching that they need to get to the top of the […]