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Month: September 2011 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: September 2011

Tell me about your Nutrition Program

……… in 5 Clicks Choosing a nutrition program can be confusing and even more stressful than actually being on a program! I hear it all the time from people inside and out of the Crossfit community. The more people read, and hear the more choices we have to make about how to be healthy and […]

Are you a Vegetarian or Meat Eater?

Are you Vegetarian or Meat Eater? By Annie Berryhill The debate over which is the healthiest, Vegetarian or Meat Eater is a very hot topic , and from what I have seen and heard, people have VERY strong opinions. Most Crossfit people are completely subscribed to one side of the debate. But get outside of […]

Be Patient, Change Takes Time

Be Patient, Change Takes Time By Annie Berryhill Oh how we want the changes we make to show and how hard it is to wait! Whether we are active in Crossfit  and in pursuit some sort of PR (personal record), or a mom who wants to be more patient with her kids, or an anyone […]

Rock and Roll Fitness

Rock and Roll Fitness  By Annie Berryhill   What does Rock and roll have to do with Crossfit or fitness in general? (And no, it's not about Sweating to the Oldies, Richard Simmons-style!) The focus of the topic is about ROLLING which is the common term for Self-Myofacial Release using foam rollers and therapy balls. […]

How Different Does your Body Feel?

How different does your body feel now vs. a few years ago?   This question popped in my mind, so I thought I would ask you…..   Here's a little video, and it would be very cool to hear about YOUR experiences below (in the comment box).   (Oh, and you really don't need to […]

Why -I HATE YOU- is a Great Thing to Hear!

  Why "I Hate You"  is a Good Thing to Hear! By Annie Berryhill I love  training  group and personal fitness clients using Crossfit methods.  I especially love seeing them work through some challenges and come out on top. But by far, the best thing I could EVER hear a client say is "I HATE […]