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Month: June 2014 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: June 2014

The Prison of the Mind: Finding Freedom by Loving Yourself

Find freedom by loving yourself. Hmm, does it seem possible? Could it be true that if you could truly love yourself for who you are in spite of failures and successes, faults and strengths, resume or stature? Quite honestly, it is something that I think about and have been thinking about for years. It sounds […]

7 Reasons Why it's Awesome to be a Generalist

Generalist: a person who is knowledgeable in many fields of study In a world where specializing is revered and honored, the generalist, who can do most things pretty well often feels ignored and unappreciated.That’s just not fair! How do I know? I know this because I AM one of those generalists. And despite being frustrated at times because I am married to an extremely successful […]