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Month: May 2016 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: May 2016

Story Time and the Lies We Live

  “We are always telling a story whenever we speak”, Mitch Newman (Recently I attended an event and was astounded to hear a teaching on this very lesson that I very much needed. Much of what the man quoted above taught became the basis for this post. Enjoy and I hope it makes you think!)   Telling […]

Fear Not Staring Down the Darkness- A Poem

Not too long ago a former coach of mine posted a lovely tribute to her mom who had passed away a year or so ago. It was sweet, and touching and it left me wishing I would have known her. It touched me deeply and as I thought more about it, a poem welled up […]

Believe in Your Gifts Always

The other day, I was prompted to put the title of this article up as my Facebook status. It didn’t garner tons of likes and it only received a few comments. But that is not why I was inspired. Normally, I like to see the individual names of the people who took the time to […]