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Month: November 2016 | Keto Fit Coach

Month: November 2016

Intermittent Fasting

“Everything old is new again” So in recent years, there is a “new” rage in the nutrition community, and it centers around the concept of fasting. But, fasting, in any form is not actually new. Fasting is going without a food or a group of foods or food at all for a period of time. […]

Hydration and Electrolytes

Sometimes when people begin their Ketogenic or LCHF journey, they will experience some unpleasant effects. As your body transitions from a ¬†sugar-burning metabolism to a fat-burning one, you may have some symptoms pop up. You could feel tired, headache-y, dehydrated or flu-ish. Much of this has to do with detoxing from sugar (which the body […]

Track and Journal

Quick, write down what you had for dinner 7 days ago? Could you do it? Bet you couldn’t, but don’t worry, most people can’t do it either. The point here is that as much as it can be a pain in the behind, tracking what you put in your mouth has the power to make […]

Plan and Prep Your Food

“Fail to Plan, You’ll Plan to Fail” I’ll admit, I am a little bit of a planner, I like to stay ahead of things so I reduce uncomfortable surprises like HUNGER or running out of food or having to make food when I am strapped for time. It always leads me to making bad eating […]

Eat More Healthy Fat

Fat. It scares people. We’ve been led astray for nearly 50 years over the issue of fat. The truth is that it’s not the fat in food that is the dangerous part, it’s the SUGAR that actually causes the majority of issues. Fat has always been a part of the human diet, but it’s been […]

Learn Your Numbers

When we are pursuing goals, it’s always nice to have a framework or roadmap to make it easier to stay on track, to see progress and to know how to make adjustments. The same is true with starting the Ketogenic Diet or the Low Carb- High Fat (LCHF) diet as well. So what are the […]

How to Purge Your Kitchen

One of the key things you need to do to succeed at a Keto/Low Carb-High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle is to break yourself of depending on packaged and processed foods. There are a few steps you can do RIGHT NOW to set yourself up for success. Remove all rice, potato, grains (wheat, oats, quinoa, rye, smelt […]