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3 Things You Can Do to Be Happy with Yourself Today | Keto Fit Coach

3 Things You Can Do to Be Happy with Yourself Today

Isn’t the thing that people want most is to Just Be Happy?

Isn’t it that everything we strive for and do just might lead us to the Promised Land Of Happy-Happy,Joy-Joy?

It’s elusive sometimes, especially in the midst of challenging circumstances. Sometimes, people don’t even think they DESERVE happiness. The truth is that we must find happiness, and it starts from within, not from the outside.

Its super easy to get caught up in the comparison we create with others and start to believe that if we only had their talents, gifts, looks, money, well-behaved kids, incredible spouse….blah, blah, blah…THEN we would be happy….Nah…it’s not true.

Time and time again, even science is showing that happiness originates within a person and that the effects of happiness are positive psychologically, physically and obviously socially as well. So, what are you waiting for…Let’s get you all Happied-Up!

Here are 3 things that I have done recently that have helped me celebrate ME and become happier with myself.

1. Be Reminded of Your Awesomeness: 

Do this exercise. Send out  private messages, texts or emails to 25 people who know you well enough to tell you what they think are your 3 Best Traits. (Just tell them you got an assignment from your coach..teehee).

Once collected, load all of those words into Wordle, play with the colors and font, and BOOM you have a visual of your AH-Mazingness!

Print this out, use it as a Social Media header, add it to your background! The point is, remind yourself that no matter what, you are awesome (and this has been confirmed by others too!)


2. Celebrate Your Wins:

Recently, I had been doing some pretty deep work on myself and my business. I’d had my head down, learning, studying and applying the information from a great class I am in. But I needed to actually DO something, take a leap, let it go when it was LESS THAN PERFECT..

Yikes…that stuff scares the crap out of me. BUT, I did it, and after I did, I felt so empowered and energized. So you know what I did? I gave myself permission to celebrate!

Yep, I posted an Atta-Girl on Facebook and to my surprise, nearly 100 people in 12 hours were celebrating with me too! Woot Woot! Talk about really being happy with myself! Check out the responses…clearly celebrating is contagious!


3. Help Somebody Else- Freely Share your Gifts and Talents:

I have always remembered what the late Christopher Reeve would say about what he would do when he was feeling sorry for himself for being paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He quoted Abe Lincoln when he said

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad.”

And Christopher Reeve made it a point to reach out to help others even though he only really had a voice.

So, the lesson is, go out there and do an Act of Happiness…go make someone’s day, cheer them up, send a card, give a hug, hold a door..just become aware of the people around you and how you can use your life to do something small to help someone else. I guarantee when you help someone else, your personal happiness meter goes straight up.

Did you know that March 20th 2014 is The International Day of Happiness? It’s a worldwide event to focus attention on happiness. Check it out and see where you might join in the celebration, and GET HAPPY!

Wrapping it all up, I want to say that happiness is not as elusive as some people think it is. After all, happiness is a choice, and we can be as happy as we make up our minds to be.

How about deciding to be happy, starting today!

Yay for you!



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