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Author: Annie B | Page 11 | Keto Fit Coach

Author: Annie B

Are you ready to optimize your life for increased energy, strength, health and focus? Keto Fit Coach is THE place for coaching, recipes, workout & tools. Optimizing Health and Performance through the Use of a Ketogenic and Low Carb Lifestyle.

Why Crossfit Women Rock

Cross fit women have come to the forefront of the fitness world.Though Cross fit is not quite a household word,  it boasts having some of the most amazing, rounded athletes in the world. These are not just men, but women competing in the same variety of movements that their male counterparts. From Gymnastic movements to […]

Putting Food in its Proper Place (Psst, it's not about your pantry)

We need to put food into its proper place, but how many people even know where that place is?     Think about it, food is FOR: Nourishment– To feed our cells, provide energy, rebuild muscle, promote growth, procreate and perform critical life functions within and outside of our bodies.   Social- Since the dawn […]

Just One More Second-A Challenge to Grow

   Recently, in the midst of a workout that involved running while carrying a 75 pound sandbag on my shoulders, my training partner and I talked about the idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. (Just try and guess why that came up!) She admitted to me that pressing through when she wanted to quit […]

Multiple Roles Over-Whelmia!

I know what you’re thinking…You know exactly what that struggle feels like in your life. It’s like the guy at the circus with all the plates spinning on top of the long sticks, sometimes the best you can do is to give a little tap to each one just to keep them from crashing down […]