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Category: Breakthrough Strategies | Keto Fit Coach

Category: Breakthrough Strategies

Story Time and the Lies We Live

  “We are always telling a story whenever we speak”, Mitch Newman (Recently I attended an event and was astounded to hear a teaching on this very lesson that I very much needed. Much of what the man quoted above taught became the basis for this post. Enjoy and I hope it makes you think!)   Telling […]

Fail Bigger: Life Lessons from The 2015 Crossfit Games

There were many amazing and surprising things that happened at the 2015 Crossfit Games. Most people whom I spoke with were impressed with the strength, endurance, agility and determination of the athletes who participated. It’s inspired many of us “mere mortal” Crossfitters  to set  higher goals, to dig deeper into our personal determination and to go further […]

3 Things You Can Do to Be Happy with Yourself Today

Isn’t the thing that people want most is to Just Be Happy? Isn’t it that everything we strive for and do just might lead us to the Promised Land Of Happy-Happy,Joy-Joy? It’s elusive sometimes, especially in the midst of challenging circumstances. Sometimes, people don’t even think they DESERVE happiness. The truth is that we must […]