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Category: Fitness

Fail Bigger: Life Lessons from The 2015 Crossfit Games

There were many amazing and surprising things that happened at the 2015 Crossfit Games. Most people whom I spoke with were impressed with the strength, endurance, agility and determination of the athletes who participated. It’s inspired many of us “mere mortal” Crossfitters  to set  higher goals, to dig deeper into our personal determination and to go further […]

How to Make your own Crossfit Workout Equipment

Crossfit is sweeping the World, no doubt! There are competitions and affiliates popping up everywhere! There are even prime time Crossfit commercials showing during major sporting events.

But so many people don’t have the means to make it to the gym or the funds to join. But never fear, you can do more than body weight movements with just a few extra pieces of equipment that you can make with just a visit to a hardware store, auto mechanic or sports resale store.

The Zone Diet or The Paleo Diet?

The Zone Diet Or The Paleo Diet? How To Choose The Right Diet For YOU! By Annie Berryhill If you follow Crossfit nutrition, then The Zone and Paleo are very familiar to you. Maybe you have are even using one of them to dial in your food and improve your Crossfit workouts and your overall […]

Goal Setting- It's Not Just for January!

Goal Setting- It's Not Just for January! by Annie Berryhill WHOA! Can you believe it? We are already halfway through 2011? Who would have thought time would have gone this fast AGAIN? Summer is here and is a time of relaxation, fun, being on a looser schedule. But wait, before you settle back into your […]

Food can Make you Sick and Make you Well~Which do you want?

Food can make you Sick and Food can Make you Well By Annie Berryhill That's pretty obvious. But there is a sneaky side to food that doesn't at first glance seem like anything good or bad and that is food's ability to cause inflammation. I discovered the nasty reality of inflammation this last week in […]

Crossfit Training – Planning, Purpose and Passion

Crossfit Training – Planning, Purpose and Passion by Annie Berryhill Well, this is it, the day before the Crossfit SoCal Regional competition. Qualified individual competitors and teams are most likely getting some topsy turvy sleep anticipating the action for the weekend. It's been a long few months getting to this point, starting with the Sectionals, […]

Crossfit-Is it just a FAD?What do YOU think?

Crossfit-Is it just a Fad? By Annie Berryhill Dictionary.com defines a FAD a couple of different ways: 1.a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group 2. an intense but short-lived fashion; a craze Yeah, I guess you could qualify Crossfit as a fad, but that's not all bad, […]

What's Your Goat?

What's Your Goat? by Annie Berryhill     In other words … what is your biggest weakness, the thing that trips you up and owns you over and over. What thing, movement, exercise, thought process has plagued you over and over again?     In the world of fitness/Crossfit I have heard things like Front […]

Thank a Vet Today-Crossfit Style

Thank A Vet today-Crossfit Style By Annie Berryhill This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, a day that was originally created to remember the soldiers we lost in the Civil War, but has been expanded over the years to include ALL Soldiers,Sailors and Marines that we have lost and that have served at any time. In […]

How Do I Get My Confidence Back Now That Doubt Owns Me?

Holy Crap!! Where Did My Confidence Go And How Do I Get It Back? By Annie Berryhill Here is the definition from Dictionary.com Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, reliability of a person or thing, belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; This has been a top-of-mind topic as I think about my upcoming […]