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Category: Motivation | Keto Fit Coach

Category: Motivation

Success Is Going to Cost Ya

Have you ever wanted a pair of shoes, or a new car? I mean, REALLY wanted it, like REAL-BAD, have-it-or-die? Did you walk into the shoe store or the dealership, point at the object of that obsession and simply walk out the door with it without paying for it?   Nope..never happens. Why?   Because […]

Plan and Prep Your Food

“Fail to Plan, You’ll Plan to Fail” I’ll admit, I am a little bit of a planner, I like to stay ahead of things so I reduce uncomfortable surprises like HUNGER or running out of food or having to make food when I am strapped for time. It always leads me to making bad eating […]

Story Time and the Lies We Live

  “We are always telling a story whenever we speak”, Mitch Newman (Recently I attended an event and was astounded to hear a teaching on this very lesson that I very much needed. Much of what the man quoted above taught became the basis for this post. Enjoy and I hope it makes you think!)   Telling […]

Fail Bigger: Life Lessons from The 2015 Crossfit Games

There were many amazing and surprising things that happened at the 2015 Crossfit Games. Most people whom I spoke with were impressed with the strength, endurance, agility and determination of the athletes who participated. It’s inspired many of us “mere mortal” Crossfitters  to set  higher goals, to dig deeper into our personal determination and to go further […]

The Prison of the Mind: Finding Freedom by Loving Yourself

Find freedom by loving yourself. Hmm, does it seem possible? Could it be true that if you could truly love yourself for who you are in spite of failures and successes, faults and strengths, resume or stature? Quite honestly, it is something that I think about and have been thinking about for years. It sounds […]

Do you Love to Win or Hate to Lose?

Recently, my husband and I got into a conversation about competition. He is a former professional athlete, and I am naturally competitive. I asked him to determine whether he Loved to Win or Hated to Lose. I am not going to tell you what we each came up with, because I want to hear from YOU and […]

Have You Heard The Yessage?

The Yessage- Straight talk about the Power of Saying YES!   Let’s face it, our first reaction to new opportunity, challenges or adventures is to say “no”. But what if we adopted a “Say Yes now and figure out the HOW” attitude? That is the subject of this weeks video. Be prepared..it’s pretty direct, but […]