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Spicy, Gluten-Free Low Carb Salmon Cakes

A gluten-free alternative to regular crab cake recipes, with a spicy twist. What I love about these is that it can easily be modified to use canned tuna (I like the water version), or canned salmon, or even fresh, canned crab. I like to make extra so I have them handy for breakfast or lunch […]

The Simple Secret to Getting Leaner

In recent days, under the direction of my coach, I made some pretty significant changes to my already fairly clean Paleo-type of diet. Best lean diet. Eat fat to lose fat.   Now I am not a microbiologist, biochemist, super-institutionally-educated brainiac. I am just a gal who loves to read. And to use her body […]

7 Reasons Why Paleo Followers are Not Safe From Toxins

The Paleo solution diet way of eating, often referred to as “clean eating” is a great way of life to maintain health, weight and energy. But is not enough alone to avoid exposure to harmful toxins. By choosing foods that are organic and limited in their exposure to chemicals, pesticides and grass-fed, hormone-free meats, wild […]

Rock and Roll Fitness

Rock and Roll Fitness  By Annie Berryhill   What does Rock and roll have to do with Crossfit or fitness in general? (And no, it's not about Sweating to the Oldies, Richard Simmons-style!) The focus of the topic is about ROLLING which is the common term for Self-Myofacial Release using foam rollers and therapy balls. […]

Why -I HATE YOU- is a Great Thing to Hear!

  Why "I Hate You"  is a Good Thing to Hear! By Annie Berryhill I love  training  group and personal fitness clients using Crossfit methods.  I especially love seeing them work through some challenges and come out on top. But by far, the best thing I could EVER hear a client say is "I HATE […]

Body Types and the Real You

Body Types and the Real You By Annie Berryhill Have you ever heard about body types? Did you know that there are actual scientific descriptions for the wide array of shapes that people come in? It could become an EXCUSE and an REASON all together. I remember when I was in high school, I was […]

Why Chocolate Benefits Health for Women

It's not secret that women like, well LOVE CHOCOLATE. Almost every woman I know can tell you a story about how she did something to get her fix. But make no mistake, there are amazing health benefits of chocolate. So many in fact, that EVERY woman needs to understand that not only is chocolate delicious […]