How Personality Styles Figure into Fitness, Nutrition and Coaching

As a Crossfit Trainer, Athlete, Nutrition Coach and Wellness Consultant,

I work with people of all different personality types.


It is absolutely essential as anyone who is coaching or being coached that you understand the basics of your personality style and the personality styles of those you work with.There are specifics about each style that if you are able to learn them, it will help you be more successful as a coach or in your own fitness and wellness program.

Download the The Lean, Strong Healthy Personality Profile Here

Now, once you have taken the survey and discovered your main personality style, tell me about it in the comment box below.

I will be reporting back on the 3 top responses from the survey on Thursday’s blog. Can’t wait to read what you learn about yourself!


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Annie B

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  • Great video, Annie, and I love the tool you provided. Actually, it’s great to see how it applies to our fitness and eating attitudes but, as you say, also to how we tend to coach and where we need to factor in the styles of those we coach. This is so valuable! (Not surprisingly, I’m a 19-2-1-6!)

  • Annie, Actually took DISC tests in college; however, studied another personalities test by Florence Littauer. Both are good ways to know myself better and what makes me tick too.

  • I did this back in HS, and I was SC my Jr year, and then, I did it again my Sr year, and the C in me kicked into overdrive and they were all equal the second time around. I know, SC is totally a surprise coming from me. 🙂

  • Hi Anne! Thank you, it is very interesting ~ loved your survey, I did it and these are my scores:
    It can be challenging to look at my scores and think…what really is my personality, but looking forward to you next blog!! Have a great day! 🙂


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