Crossfit brings out the MORE in ANYONE

This is Jim…Jim is tired, but Jim is happy! Jim just finished another Crossfit workout (that explains why he's smiling now!)


Like most people relatively new to Crossfit, Jim can't believe what he is required to do in a WOD. But, like most people, Jim has come to enjoy and even look forward to his workouts.

After only about 6 weeks of 2 day a week workouts, Jim has experienced some crazy stuff in his body that he never expected.

He's noticing changes like:


His ABS are getting starting to get some feeling back, and that feeling STRONG!

He is getting FASTER, keeping up with the quicker, more experienced athletes;

Jim is getting STRONGER…he likes this because it helps him dominate in his basketball league on the weekends!

His body feels TIGHTER in a good way which makes his clothes fit better!

So the question is, how can such a small change of attending Crossfit classes only 2 days a week for not even 2 months, do all this?


It's simple, Crossfit is fun, challenging, encouraging, progressing, brain-clearing, strategic,& hard!

The best thing is that anyone who has the motivation can do it. We can scale it to meet you where you are…

Oh, and don't give me any of your lame excuses about why you CAN'T do it- If Ben can, YOU can!!

(He's an awesome guy with "spicy" language at times…Always a Marine- ooh Rah!)

Now is the time to try it out…come on by. We will ease you in, don't worry! My guess is you have never felt this way doing any other fitness program, and once you feel this way, you will keep coming back for more!

There is more inside of you then you even can imagine. Why not find it and maximize it with Crossfit!

Anne (Annie) Berryhill is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, athlete and competitor who owns and operates

OC Fitness Revival in Orange County, CA.
  Services include personal and group training, nutrition classes and counseling and she teaches people how to get the most out of what they've got.

Contact her today for a class visit or nutrition consultation

949 280-3407

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  • I wanted to comment here to say, that I 100% agree that Crossfit does bring out the MORE in ANYONE. I have been training with Anne since November and never before have I seen such a change in my body and endurance! My sister and I originally started training with Anne to get in tip-top shape for my wedding coming up in three weeks (which, I feel more ready than ever to fit into my dress) but beyond our original goal we have both learned valuable lessons about nutrition and the power of having a strong and HEALTHY body. Being a dancer all my life, Crossfit movement was very foreign to me! I could barely lift any weight when we first started. Anne in all her patience has worked with me through it all constantly tailoring workouts to suit my needs and now I am completing some workouts to the Crossfit women standard level! Something I never thought I could do!! Anne has been so encouraging, supportive and has pushed me and motivated me beyond limits! And I have never had so much muscle, strength and energy! so empowering!

    • Michelle, you have come such a long way and it has been a blast to watch the transformation mind spirit and BODY! You are so STRONG and determined and it you and Ashley both are a blessing to me and to my little Garage Gym family! Can’t wait to see you in your wedding dress!

  • I could not agree with your article more!!! Not only has working out with Anne brought out the 'more' in both Michelle & I, it has also made me WANT more for my body. While we go two days per week, EVERY workout is completly different and tailored to each individuals needs and goals. Dealing with herniated discs and a bad knee, Anne has been the knowledgable motivator I needed to reach personal records despite 'ecxuses'. Today I reached a personal record; one of Anne's responese was "That was awesome. You have more to give"… she knows how to motivate and fuel people to get them to their goal, and then motivate more to get to a new one! What started out as a pre-wedding shape up has given way to life long changes. Since starting crossfit and adhearing to Anne's nutrition progam, Michelle and I have both lost weight (14lbs for me!), but even more important, we FEEL better throughout the day, workout harder, and have more mental clarity. EVERYTHING you want from a nutrition and performance program. We now look forward to our workouts and finding our new limits 🙂
    PS. Ben was so inspiring! Wow what a guy!!

  • Thanks for continuing to expose me to Crossfit. Great post and testimonies too.

  • Your video and about Jim … gives a lot of information. Thank you Anne for sharing this simple and powerful method.


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