Crossfit-Is it just a FAD?What do YOU think?

Crossfit-Is it just a Fad?

By Annie Berryhill defines a FAD a couple of different ways:

1.a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group

2. an intense but short-lived fashion; a craze

Yeah, I guess you could qualify Crossfit as a fad, but that's not all bad, is it?

This statement really got my goat the other day. It was said by a friend who coaches sports specific skills to teens. Mind you, he uses the Crossfit model in his training, but it was something about the way he said it that made me think that he was not simply making an observation, he was making a negative judgment call.

Have you run into this before when talking about Crossfit? I know I have at certain points over the last 2+ years.

The common arguments that Crossfit is a fad sound kinda like these:


  • It's just good old Calisthenics_like the kind Jack LaLanne has always done;
  • Crossfit is simply a vehicle for a new company to make money with new packaging on old, and standard stuff;
  • It's only a gathering of shirtless muscle heads jumping on the latest fitness bandwagon
  • It will be gone really quick, people will get over it.


    And the list goes on.

    So, what do you, my faithful reader, think about this issue?

    Do you agree? Have you encountered this resistance from people in your life? Do you think that if it is a FAD that it has any staying power? Why or why not? I have my views, but I want to hear what you guys think!

    It would be great if you would share them with me and the other readers by commenting here, on the blog!

    PS..Fad or not, Crossfit has reshaped me BODY-MIND and SPIRIT…….I am not sure what other safe, healthy, fun FAD can say THAT for very many people??

    I totally want to hear from you tell me how you think is might be or how it definitely is not! This ought to be fun!



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    • Oh I have run into many people who call CrossFit “cult-ish”. Why? Because it makes exercise fun? Because we have an amazing community of people that support one another? My favorite is when people say “Oh well CrossFitters think they are better than everyone else.” The people making these statements have usually never even seen a CF workout or been to a box or participated in a WOD. Are there many paths to fitness? Sure. Is CF one of the most effective and FUN? I think so.

    • CrossFit is  definitely here to stay = the explosive growth is proof that it can't/won't go away and thus isn't a fad. It will, most likely continue to morph from its one-time underground cult-like status to main stream, and that's becoming more evident every day. 
      The USFL was a fad. Created for the specific purpose of being huge, and it wasn't. The NFL grew organically which is why it is still around today. CrossFit grew organically. P90X is a fad.
      What I hope  is that CF continues to mature – that the explosive growth and the science catch up and get in sync. For now, I am not sure that's happening, in the programming, the corporate decision making, and the communication. There are many many critics of CF and the best way for the CF community to silence the critics is to embrace everything that is right about it and let go of some of the things that are wrong with it (the SDHP for example). Then CF will become a stable, thriving force.

      • Hey Pat, you always make such great cases to support your point. I was thinking along the same lines regarding organic growth. Having done P90X and been involved in their “community”, its obvious they understand the value of community and accountability. Crossfit has really taken on a life of its own, which I think Coach always suspected would happen and that is really very cool. Your comparisons to Pro Football were great, I had not even considered that before! Thanks for posting!

      • "P90X" is a fad?  Really?  From someone trying to justify your point that Crossfit isn't a fad, and then bashing someone else's form of getting in shape is silly.
        Do what works for you, and the P90Xers will do what works for them.  FYI, I've done both (through Derby City Crossfit), and prefer P90X.

        • Hey Coach,
          Thanks for sharing your comments! While I coach, teach and preach Crossfit, I believe, like it seems you believe, that getting people off their butts and into a fitness program is what needs to happen! Do what is best for you and your preferences!

    • Interesting question. I never knew much about crossfit until my husband's reserve unit got activated to the Gulf this past year. He did CF 5 nights per week, got certified and taught for his last several months there. Incredible. I know he would love to find a way to keep instructing in our little town if it would work out. Certainly nothing faddish about it.

    • I have been physically active over 20 years. In my personal opinion, P90x and Crossfit and fads. Sure there will still be a few people who will continue to do both but the overwhelming majority of people who do both will ultimately grow weary or tired and bored. I see so many people who have done p90x andbought the DVD's and the ones who join crossfit who end up quitting. Being an xray tech also Crossfit puts too much stress on the joints. I xray allot of crossfitters with knee,back,shoulder problems. Your body wasn't made to take that much abuse. People want to be part of something different but my advice from a medical standpoint is to simply do an exercise program with a clean diet to attain your goals.

      • Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts about my article. Since I’ve been injured, I have learned a ton more about why some people are more likely to be injured than others.
        Unfortunately, most people just keep going until they break or give up, or become satisfied with their results.
        I think that we as coaches need to become better educated about how to keep people safe!!


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