Fear Not Staring Down the Darkness- A Poem

Not too long ago a former coach of mine posted a lovely tribute to her mom who had passed away a year or so ago. It was sweet, and touching and it left me wishing I would have known her.

It touched me deeply and as I thought more about it, a poem welled up on me and this is what emerged. I hope it is a blessing to you as you read it. Share it (with credit please) with those you believe would benefit from reading it.

Fear Not Staring Down the Darkness

We fear not staring down the darkness
For the Light has proven it’s presence, even when obscured by the clouds

In the Light lives the love
In the Light resides the power

In the Light we find rest
Though the storms and waves seek to overcome our spirits
The warmth and beacon of the Light carries us beyond our own strength

Into the beauty
Into the safety
Into the peace

So fear not the darkness for its time is limited
The Light reaches and lives from here to eternity
The Light holds our happiness as a well from which to draw

The Light never runs out,
The Love in the Light prevails and soothes our souls

Bathe us dear Light, wash away fear, regret and sadness
Wash us in your peaceful glow
Infuse us with the spark of your power and strength when we lack our own

We fear not staring down the darkness
For the Light is everywhere, at all times, forever
and in the Light our everything lives.


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