Just One More Second-A Challenge to Grow


 Recently, in the midst of a workout that involved running while carrying a 75 pound sandbag on my shoulders, my training partner and I talked about the idea of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. (Just try and guess why that came up!)
She admitted to me that pressing through when she wanted to quit was an area that she wanted to improve. It got me thinking about how we as humans like the idea of growth, but often back off from the “uncomfortable-ness” that often goes along with that.


I too have struggled with ignoring my desire to stop at the place where I become uncomfortable. So I filled her in on a little thing I have been doing to help myself move through those tiny challenges.

So here is how it works..

Just One More Second …..

It takes me about one second to move from the top of a squat to down and up again. When I am on #100 of squats, and I really am struggling with how much my legs burn… I think ,JUST ONE MORE SECOND….

If you really want to pick up that donut because something in your life is bumming you out wait… JUST ONE MORE SECOND…to move past that feeling, and the urge.

When your plans are not coming together, but you know your vision is right and true, press on… JUST ONE MORE SECOND.


Really, it is the micro version of an AA premise, One Day at a Time-dealing with things in the NOW, not the past or future.Sometimes, one day is way too long to press forward! So break it down even smaller…An Hour, A minute, JUST ONE MORE SECOND.

The uncomfortable-ness often passes or if it doesn’t, something magical happens in your brain. Somehow, your brain LEARNS. It begins to bypass and override the usual stopping points.

Of course, I am not saying to ignore pain, or danger, that would be crazy! But what I do believe is that we make small changes over the course of time that in the end can bring us to a new place. But it literally starts with



It would be interesting to hear if what happens if you try this or what you do to get through the uncomfortable times that happen right before a growth spurt.


Feel free to share your comments, fears and experiences in the comment box below!

You are DESIGNED to live


Today is a good day to get started, I am here to help.



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  • Great advice! I have used this thought before and let me tell you it really does work 🙂


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