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Discover Your Fitness and Nutrition Personality Style | Keto Fit Coach

Discover Your Fitness and Nutrition Personality Style

Every person has their own personality, but did you ever think about how much your personality affects the way you approach fitness, nutrition and wellness in general?Click here to grab a peek at your personality style!

 Ask yourself these questions:

When starting a Fitness/Nutrition program do you:
1. Jump in with 2 feet, hard and fast only to peeter out short of your goal?
2. Look for a program that involves you with lots of people and social aspects?
3. Workout by yourself, never really bother anyone or ask for help, or maybe just have 1 buddy that you workout with consistently?
4. Do you read everything you can get your hands on, do background checks on all the trainers at the gym before you can start and and take your training VERY seriously?

I bet you can see you self, even a little bit in one of these personalities.

Personality Style #1
If you did, I bet that you have nearly run people over with your intensity in your program (exercise, food or both). You are the biggest advocate, loudest talker and most explosive doer EVER of it…at the start. But what about when the intensity is gone; what happens when you get a little bored, or unchallenged or aren’t seeing the results you wanted and expected because of your commitment?

What you need is accountability, variation and a prize to work for (even if it is bragging rights!)

Personality Style #2
You are the life and energy of the party! People are you number 1 priority and you will always seek out the most FUN way to do things, even if they are not the most effective! You often lose track of not just your goals, but your progress IN your goals because you are too busy with other people. It gets boring because it is not new and shiny!

What you need is to get over everything being fun ALL the time, and do good work so that you feel strong, healthy and energetic to go out and do other fun things!

Personality Style #3
In the case you a #3, your style is slow, steady, consistent. But you often feel a little intimidated and overwhelmed by starting new things. Confidence and be an issue.

Your answer is to have a buddy in your corner. Someone who you trust and knows you and will knock on your door to tell you it is time to get going!

Personality Style #4
Cautious, Calculating…you need to know EVERYTHING before starting a program. In fact, you pride yourself on finding out all the details before beginning. You may even be a bit of a worrier!

To be successful in this though, you need to learn to have a bit more fun with all of it. You will never have all the answers because you are curious by nature…besides, it’s also a great way to NOT start a program….and never get to your goals…if you let it be!

Often times, you find yourself being able to relate to a couple of personalities, that’s totally okay and normal! But the tricks and tips to maximize and get over your inherent hurdles remain the same.

In my nutrition coaching, I utilized the personality profile to assess my clients so that both they and I know what there tendencies are and what we need to do differently because of it.

Did you miss the other link? Find out what you Fitness and Nutrition Personality Style is by clicking here!
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Annie B

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  • I wish I could say I was any one of those things!!  LOL!  I just can't seem to get myself to exercise.  I used to be an exercise nut – hiking, weights, mountain biking, running.  Now I do… wait for it… nothing.  So your article was interesting to me.  Is there a category for 'can't get your butt out of the chair'???  ;o)

  • Anne, Planning for the personality to come out tonight, (2 hour Zumba party for Am. Heart Assn) but still focused on goals with fun: #2.  I know if I don't focus then I am plain comfortable.  I rather be UNcomfortable and challenge myself.  I want to include fun in what I do/seek but have a balance too.  Thanks Anne for sharing.

  • Great post Anne, even though I don't belong to any of the options as fitness have been part of my life since I remember myself, and I enjoy it too much, so don't really 'start', I might just continue in different ways and try adding or experimenting with something new. I'll pass this to my fiends. 🙂

  • Nice article Annie. I guess I am a mixture of #2 and #4 really. I enjoy having fun when I work out and love the idea of trying new programs. Working out on my own is what I do most as I treat the gym like a business, I get the workout done and then I'm out of there! In terms of nutrition, I've always wondered what is best to do when I do for example a 80 mile cycle ride. Some of my buddies like those energy Gels or drinks, maybe you have an idea how to incorporate that?


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