Plan and Prep Your Food

“Fail to Plan, You’ll Plan to Fail”

I’ll admit, I am a little bit of a planner, I like to stay ahead of things so I reduce uncomfortable surprises like HUNGER or running out of food or having to make food when I am strapped for time. It always leads me to making bad eating decisions… Like when you go to the grocery store when you’re hungry, right?

So something that has proven useful for succeeding at the Ketogenic  or LCHF lifestyle is PLANNING. How much you want to plan and prep is really up to you.

  1. Typically, I buy all the foods my family likes and eats then I create things with those options
  2. Others I know actually look over recipes, write them down then make a grocery list from those plans
  3. More disciplined still is the option to plan recipes, shopping lists, and PREP veggies and COOK meat on one day at the beginning of the week to be able to have options that are ready as the week and busy schedules unfold.
  4. Finally there are people that do all the things above and literally prep and cook all the meal for 3-4 days ahead of time. Personally, this is more work than I want to do on one day.

Here’s the cool thing, even if you prep a little, it will help. The more you do upfront, the less you’ll have to do in the moment.

Be sure and have a variety of types and sizes of storage containers on hand to be able to systematically house your prepared foods. Things like snap tight containers, zip lock bags of all sizes will definitely help keep foods fresh and ready for the meals you’ve planned for your time frame.

Planning and Prepping will ALWAYS make your life easier, though it will take a time commitment on the front end. Do it for a few weeks and you’ll get used to doing it before you know it!


Hopefully this quick little article helps you to fully understand what I mean by PURGE YOUR KITCHEN….if you have questions, you know you can always ask me on my

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