What's Your Goat?

What's Your Goat?

by Annie Berryhill



In other words … what is your biggest weakness, the thing that trips you up and owns you over and over. What thing, movement, exercise, thought process has plagued you over and over again?



In the world of fitness/Crossfit I have heard things like Front Squats or Wall Balls or Muscle ups … all worthy GOATS. 95# Snatches was my goat, but now it is my plaything. Surely something will swoop in there and take over the goat standing any minute! It seems just as we overcome one, there is another one looking you in the face, taunting you. Whats yours?

Concerning Nutrition,   nearly everyone talks about how their downfall is something that is sugar oriented, or secondly BOOZE. My personal GOAT, the thing that I have the hardest time resisting,  TORTILLA CHIPS and SALSA! I can't help it … I trip up for that ALOT.

There are also mindset goats. Truly, these are much more difficult to identify because they seem to always be part of our psyche no matter what we are doing. These goats are more like voices. Voices that are repeating subtle but destructive messages as we make our way through the world.

I admit, growing up with an alcoholic parent, I still fight the goats that want to convince me that I am not worthy of __________ or that I am not good enough for the dream of _______________. It is tough stuff to be sure, just as it is for food or physical conquests.

So how do we kick the goats in their little hairy butts so they quit hanging around? There really isn't a magic pill of an answer, or one Rx fits all. What ultimately captures and rids us of our goats are 2 things. They are simple, but effective.

  • Identify the Goat. See his beady little eyes, recognize his mannerisms, his habits. Find out when he likes to hang around and what makes him rear is ugly head.
  • Mount a counter attack. Now that you know your enemy, you can outsmart him. Oh yes, you may need to change a habit, you may need to change your friends!  Having a strategy for defeating these horrid creatures will require you to take repeated, calculated and swift action.

It really is that simple my friends.

If you can't do muscle ups (even if you have tried and tried)-Find someone else to teach you, new perspectives help. Do a strength program to solidify your upper body Push/Pull strength.

If you are a slave to sugar, cut out ALL processed carbs and needless sugars. Your body registers that as sugar  anyway. No more bread, rice, pasta, corn products, potatoes. You would be wise to get rid of fruit for a while too! It will take work to rewire your body to live off other stuff. But your body WILL come to function, feel and look better!

If your mindset is jacked up and your cannot unravel the tapes playing in your head, start becoming aware of what situations get your tapes playing and your goats braying! Look for the triggers and then, make unwavering changes to your environment to let the goats get out and run away! Go even so far as to seek some help from an expert. Even if you are a coach, coaches need to be coached.

Goats are silly, dirty, messy little creatures.
It's time you cleaned up in your life and moved those goats away. You could even take them on a little "car ride" out to the country … and return home without them.

What are your goats? What do you do to get rid of them in your life?

People are waiting to hear your story … because you may be the catalyst for their Goat-Removal program! Please share!

PS … Sometimes, you need a partner to help you with your goats. If you need a coach to help you move past your goats in fitness, nutrition and living a healthy, powerful life …. I am your Goat Chaser!


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Anne (Annie) Berryhill is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, athlete and competitor who owns and operates OC Fitness Revival in Orange County, CA.   Services include personal and group training, nutrition classes and counseling and she teaches people how to get the most out of what they've got.

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