Why Crossfit Women Rock

Cross fit women have come to the forefront of the fitness world.Though Cross fit is not quite a household word,  it boasts having some of the most amazing, rounded athletes in the world. These are not just men, but women competing in the same variety of movements that their male counterparts. From Gymnastic movements to Olympic Weightlifting, to Endurance components, Crossfit trains in a constantly varied format and almost always using more than one joint at once.

Crossfit was once an underground workout for Firefighters, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Cross fit has now made its way to the mainstream of fitness around the world, and a majority of new believers are the Crossfit women. The results are impressive for both genders, but this will highlight why in particular Crossfit Women rock! (Taken from a recent Facebook Survey of men and women) 

Crossfit Women are Strong! Traditionally saddled with the weaker sex moniker, these women move weight around at levels that far exceed even their own body weight and do it repeatedly. Men are becoming more an more comfortable with a woman who is physically strong and works at it too! Strong looks healthy and people are attracted to healthy people. Anyone can do Cross fit, men or women.                                          

Crossfit Women are Confident! It is easy to see confidence in Crossfit womenwomen just by the way she moves and carries herself and by the look in her eyes. In this environment, it is all about pushing yourself a little bit further and harder everyday. That breeds and builds confidence, especially in women! 

Crossfit Women are supportive! Watch any WOD(workout of the day) www.crossfit.com  at nearly any Cross fit BoCrossfit Women Barbells for Boobsx, and you will see women battling it out to come in first and then turn around and give that same rival a big, fat, enthusiastic HIGH FIVE to celebrate their finishes. It is very common for head to head competitors be incredible supporters of each other and the rest of the women as well. It can make you want to cry sometimes, but even if it does, there are other ladies there who feel you pain and will hold you up and get you through no matter what.                                                             


Crossfit Women are booty-licious. The second favorite thing that resulted from the poll was these women develop very nice backsides, asses, butts. The Crossfit Booty is rounded, lifted and firm. It’s no wonder, with all the different squats, Olympic Lifts, lunges, Kettlebell swings, the women who devotes herself to the training can’t help but get developed in all the right places.


Crossfit Women are Hot, Hot, Hot. Yep, this was the most consistent description of the this workout warrior princess. Men and women alike are taking notice of the incredible physical changes happening to these female athletes. Really ladies, who doesn’t want to be referred to has hot, right? Crossfit workouts are definitely the right place to start!

So what are YOU waiting for?

There are Crossfit locations all around the world, just start searching, online and find one and go! You may be the most tired, sore, challenged that you have ever been in your life. But you will also be stronger, more confident, supported, Booty-licious, and hotter than you ever have also.

There is not better time to start than now! Get Some!

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Annie B

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  • Anne, Great post. Never heard of Crossfit Women. Some women are super strong and competitive. I have a friend a body builder winning tons of competitions. Of course women are now accepted into this but years back it was just a “men’s” competition. Glad times are changing.

  • Anne, what a great post! I grew up as a tom-boy and I was always beating the boys in sports and I loved it! I love that we, women, have the opportunity to be strong, amazing athletes, and it’s not looked down upon. The CrossFit community has helped this along, and so does your website. I love being a strong woman, in all aspects. Way to go Anne, you’re an INSPIRATION! I look forward to reading more from you:)

    • Thanks Jen… love the feedback! and YOU are a strong woman, no doubt about it!


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