Your Worth is Not Your Weight


Your Worth is Not Your Weight

By Anne (Annie) Berryhill

Crossfit has been my passion for the last 3 years of my life. Before that, it was anything that involved being active, having fun and being fit. My experience has taking me from swimming to Step, to Spin, to Triathlons, to P90X to Crossfit and Olympic Lifting.

Along the way, I observed so much obsession with lifting weight and scale weight, and truthfully, I did spend a ton of energy obsession over at least one of them on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have had a similar journey  with WEIGHT of your own.

Up until this Fall when I had to shut down ALL fitness due to an injury, I know I was pretty entrenched in some narrow thinking. I really had developed a very slim window of accepted fitness methods turning my nose down at other methods that weren't Crossfit but in the process, I had developed a bad habit of not valuing myself outside of what I lifted, scored or accomplished in my Crossfit workouts.

Here's how I know it has happened to many of you.

  • On any given day, I would say that close to 50% of my Facebook friends post something about their workout, their workout goals or their workout successes. Being fit, strong, and healthy is an amazing thing and don't ever stop.
  • But…what it seems like is that many people that I "know", seem to base what they want to be known for as what they are physically able to accomplish.  I love reading an occasional post about a WOD or a PR, but when EVERYTHING is about that…
  • Does this seem horrible out of whack to anyone else? ( Or maybe it simply means that is all most people want us to know about them)

My step back has allowed me what I think is a sober vision of the delicate balance between passion and value.

Your WORTH is not is your WEIGHT

  • It doesn't  increase your personal value by Snatching, Pressing, Overhead Squating  your body weight (or 10times that);
  • While impressive, finishing first at any head -to- head competition will not actually put the meaning of your life ahead of someone elses
  • If your scale budges more than your best friends did on the same diet plan, that does not make you BETTER than her, or anyone.
  • If all of your joy is derived from something related to weight or weights, surely, you will experience disappointment at even your best efforts or numbers because somebody,somewhere will have you beat.
  • <<<<<Does this hurt you to hear? Am I pissing you off yet?>>>

We are Human BEINGS  not


What Matters is…………taking care of the body you have………not getting PR's every single day.

What Matters is………. who you are in the world…………. not the stuff or accomplishments you acquire.

What Matters is……….how you treat others……………………not making sure you get your due attention, adulation, or praise.

What Matters is……….that you treat others with value………….because you know your own, just by virtue of being a human.

What Matters is……….you forgive yourself for shortcomings.………………and forgive others for theirs.

What Matters is……….loving yourself for your  "You-niqueness"……………..and embracing others for theirs too.

I coach fitness, yep, it's true. But more so, I train hearts,minds and souls to believe in their value again. Its the same value that has always been there, but also the same value that may have been cast aside because it was hard to believe you didn't have to EARN value.


No matter what the WEIGHT tells you

Happy 2012!

Wishing you Success, Balance, Love, Peace, Power, Happiness, Satisfaction and LOVE!

crossfitAnnie Berryhill is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, Crossfit Athlete and competitor who owns and operates OC Fitness Revival in Orange County, CA.

Services include personal and group training, nutrition classes and counseling, as well as providing incredible detoxifying, health-improving supplements to help people  to make the most out of what they’ve got.

Contact her at (949) 280-3407 or

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